Apeksha Agarwal

Hi, I’m Apeksha and I’m a freelance, commercial; beauty & fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles and Mumbai. Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday. 

“The camera is the least important element in photography.” -Julius Shulman

With that in mind, I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept. But it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe my approach to the craft. I struggle with every image I shoot. Why? Because I assume perfection is possible, and I want to wring it out of every picture. I am fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with a team of rad people. I believe that running a client-friendly, service-oriented business is imperative, and great creativity often lies in a team effort and working closely with my clients.